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Kitchener Personal Trainer Matt DaciwI have been passionate about training and fitness from an early age, and have spent over 20 years investigating various approaches to strength training.  My training interests have spanned from powerlifting and weight lifting, to cage fighting and grappling, to Highland Games heavy events.  I approach every new challenge with extreme focus and determination, and I apply that same focus and determination to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals.

Amongst my network, I have been a go-to person for training advice and recommendations – culminating in Titan Training.  I strive first and foremost to improve upon the quality of life of my clients, and to help them achieve their various goals.  I have helped numerous clients overcome ankle, knee, hip, back, and shoulder issues.  I believe that true strength can only be built from a solid foundation – and that this is the first natural step in any strength training regimen.

In 2016, I became a co-owner of The Wreckroom gym in Kitchener.  This incredibly unique training facility echoes me and my fellow co-owner’s beliefs that training facilities should be welcoming, friendly, and positive environments where egos are left at the door, and everyone is welcome.

My current personal focus is training for strength and hypertrophy, explosiveness, and mobility work.  I also currently train regularly with a world champion boxing instructor, and look forward to learning more from him.

I am very active on social media – you can find me on Facebook and Instagram.  You can also find many amazing reviews from my clients on my Facebook page.


✓ATS Certified (CanFit Pro CEC)
✓ CoreFX Conditioning Specialist
DTS Animal Flow Instructor Certification
✓ DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals Certification
✓ DTS Lean Body Coach
✓ EBFA Barefoot Strong Summit NYC
✓ EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist Level 1 & 2 Certified
✓ Human Movement Specialist Certified – Brookbush Institute
✓ NSCA CEU Shoulder and Hip Certified
✓ NSCA CEU Complete Core Certified
✓ NSCA Pain Free Performance Training System
✓ TriggerPoint MCT – Myofascial Compression Techniques Certified
✓ Blue Star Nutraceuticals Sponsored Athlete

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Personal Trainer

Jordan Buck


Jordan’s personal journey to becoming a coach started at the age of 25, when after years of inconsistent training, he realized that you could make significant incremental progress with just 30 minutes of daily activity – and that if you wanted it badly enough, you would do anything to make it happen!  As his passion for weightlifting and bodybuilding grew, Jordan began his education with various courses and certifications.

Like many of us, Jordan is no stranger to obstacles.  Two years ago after a spinal injury, Jordan was told that he may not be able to lift weights again.  However, with strategic therapy and training, he is thrilled to be back in working order and excited to continue not only achieving his own goals, but also helping his clients to achieve theirs!


✓ CanFit Pro
✓ ATS Certified (CanFit Pro CEC)

399 Breithaupt St. Unit 2
Kitchener, ON


Monday - Saturday
By Appointment

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